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  • The California Board Company Classic 108 9ft longboard has to be one of the best quality, well priced soft deck surfboards on the market. This brilliant board would make the perfect first surfboard for the larger adult looking for a well made, durable and stable platform to learn on. Unlike most soft deck boards the Classic 108 has a well designed shape which will continue to perform as the rider improves so you won’t have to reach for your wallet as soon as you’ve mastered the basic
  • Softboard
  • 3 longheroni
  • Square Tail
  • Carena Polietilene
  • 3 fins soft
  • Leash


  • Materiale: HD polyethylene slick bottom and IXPE/XPE HD Slick Skin
  • Core: High Density EPS – 100% Waterproof
  • Compreso nel package: surf leash e tri-fin system