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2022 Icon



The 2022 Icon performance is defined by its ease of handling utilizing a powerful and direct riding feel. The five batten panel layout gives you complete command in all situations and the confidence to push hard. With five battens to keep the sail draft in forward locked position, the sail works equally well for high-wind jumping environments to powering driving turns in challenging onshore conditions and all wind angles in between. Adaptability is Icon’s signature trait and a big reason it is been so popular for well over a decade. The Icon also provides the ultimate level of stability in any wind range. This superb stability also means that the Icon is less physically demanding for the rider to use compared to the Blacktip, providing the rider with an absolute focus on maneuvers and going really fast with full control at all times.

Technical solutions in 2022 include a refined luff curve design, with a lower aspect ratio compared to 2021. The batten above the boom has been moved up to create more drive, as seen on the Blacktip. Combined, these refinements offer the control of a 5 batten sail, but with the drive of a 4 batten wave sail. A compact outline and medium to low aspect ratio provide a powerful front-end drive to generate speed in turns and high-end control in high-wind jumps.

Versatility is the name of the game for the avid windsurfer who wants to make the most out of any wave sailing conditions. The new Icon is the result of more than 40 years of design evolution. It’s designed for ease of use and high-end performance in all conditions, from side to onshore. The Icon’s iconic performance allows you progress in any environment.

// Dependable performance in all wave conditions.

// A five batten panel layout that offers superior stability and control over a wide wind range.

// Perfectly balanced draft position.

// Ideal sail choice for progressing in jumps.

// Less physically demanding compared to the Blacktip, providing the rider with an absolute focus on maneuvers and going really fast with full control at all times.


size 5.6

boom 177

luff 422

mast 400


battens 5





1//  Vertical Kevlar Load Line

Kevlar load line from top to tack to control the central effort; increase the longevity of the material which ensures that the sail profile stays in position when strong gusts hit the sail.

2 // Q-Ply Luff Panel

The 2 MIL Q-Ply luff panel creates a softer and more forward focuesed power delivery. This combined with the strength provided by the vertical load line for maintained profile stability and durability.

3 //  Kevlar Stretch Control Tendons

The Kevlar Stretch Control Tendons distribute the load throughout the surface of the sail from clew to luff. They control the breaking point for the twist, increase the wind range, and increase the longevity of the sail. An original Simmer Style feature that has been widely adopted by many other sail brands.

4 // Precision Tapered Battens

Precision tapered battens on the lower two battens. The taper is custom designed on each sail size to push the sail profile forward and keep draft locked in for stability.

5 // Finger Patch Tendons

The Finger Patch Tendons in clew create greater load distribution over a larger area of the sailcloth surface, which increases the durability, as well as the direct handling of the sail.

6 // Stainless Steel O-Ring

The Stainless Steel O-Ring provides the strongest possible connection between the boom outhaul and the sail, providing direct power delivery and sail. Simmer quality defined. 

7 // Five Batten Layout

5 batten panel layout in all sizes.

Superb stability

Wide wind range/tuning range  

Fingertip control

Light-weight handling

Drive to maneuver